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This video, https://youtu.be/hV-DSHt2usc, can also be seen at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLinZ61VBFMHz-Px9DV5j-bE983ca39jTW.A large pile of dirt sits in front of a 92-year-old Harrisburg woman’s home after a lateral sewer line broke in her front yard and she can’t afford to fix it. A plumbing company gave. The woman’s.Damage to sewer lines can cause homeowners inconvenience and expensive repairs. A few problems you may experience are: damage to a sewer line include blockage and back-up of indoor toilets and other plumbing fixtures, a foul sewer gas odor in your home, blocked drains, mold, outdoor water leaks on your lawn, pools of septic water in your yard, sinkholes, rodent/insect infestations, and cracks.PLUMBING EMERGENCY? NEED AN APPOINTMENT? CALL US – (360) 773-8039. When it comes to home plumbing services, Henco Plumbing Services of Vancouver Washington has years of experience, and trusted journeymen plumbers to take care of even the toughest plumbing jobs.Henco Plumbing stands behind our work, and produces quality plumbing craftsmanship that comes from years of experience in the field.Your sewer line is the largest pipe servicing your home and it takes years of service or a very large amount of debris before your sewer line will clog. The bad news, however, is that once your sewer main line is clogged, it will take more than liquid drain cleaner to remove the clogged material. How to Fix a residential sewer line ClogI checked in with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to find out "whas up" and they said they’ve had “multiple problems” with the water and sewer lines out there in recent months. See, one line.Henco Plumbing Henco Plumbing is your Vancouver Plumbing Services and plumbing contractor company located in Vancouver, Washington. We provide a full range of plumber services including sewer scope, sewer line replacement (repipe), water main replacement with trenchless technology, bathroom plumbing remodel, kitchen plumbing remodel, full home and building plumbing pipe repair and replacement.Sewer & Water Line Services We Offer. It can sometimes be difficult to tell if what you’re experiencing is a minor plumbing problem, or a serious water or sewer line issue. However, if you’ve noticed any unpleasant and unusual smells, sewage backups, or standing water in your yard, it’s possible that you’re dealing with a serious problem.

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